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how not only the fact but also the experiences we are having are like In Japan

I think what I will write now is something most of Japanese people must already know after the extraordinary earthquake on the 11th of March. But I would like to tell you this because I am spending a lot of time in England and I have not seen many articles on the web or in magazines or newspapers in English so far telling you how not only the fact but also the experiences we are having are like In Japan.

I would like to let you know how I am feeling as a person who lives at the town next to Tokyo and loves nature like green hills and rice fields, sandy sunny beaches. These are environments you can easily find here in this suburb.

I used to love strolling on the mountains or hills. In early spring like now I saw little wild flowers and sat on the grass and sometimes lay on it. I breathed thick atmosphere with fresh reviving lives of nature, before 11th of March,2011.

About 20 thousand people died because of the Tsunami and that was no doubt the most terrible tragedy of all. But if it was all, now after a year a lot of Japanese should just about have gained the positive view towards the future.

The reality is not quite like that. There has been very uncertain and insecure feelings about our future for probably half of Japanese, especially people with high computer literacy who know more from the internet. These Japanese people and the rest who mainly get information by watching TV are divided and they might have to fight if they live in the area where high radiation levels are an issue.

In the Fukushima daiichi nuclear power station, the melt through of multiple nuclear fuel lots after the explosion of one of the units, the ground, plants, debris, sewage, drains and any foods like vegetables and cattle which ate contaminated hay in mainly northern half of Japan is more or less contaminated by radiation.

We should not forget that around 80,000 people had to leave their homes from Fukushima then. Some of them can expect financial compensation from the government by not being able to go home nor to resume jobs but still I cannot imagine how much loss of their past and difficulties in the future they are feeling. Others are concerned about the risk of the health for their children and decided to move house with their own financial responsibility. Kids’ health can be more affected by radiation as their human cells are still growing fast.

How far and how much contamination are we having? We do not know exactly about it because nobody can measure all over that wide range of the area. You may wonder Tokyo is far enough from Fukushima. It is admitted that there are places in suburbs just 10 or 20 miles away from Tokyo called “hot spots” where radiation levels are as high as areas near Fukushima. This is because radiation travels in clouds and when it rains from the clouds after travelling for some hundreds miles, taking a few days, and rain water contaminates even very far areas.

Radiation from Fukushima is still released and being carried more to the south than the north east of Japan. On concrete grounds and tarmac roads radioactive dusts should have been washed away by rain falls but leaves and ground have been absorbing it. I never imagined how it would be to live in the world like this. We do not sit on the grass nor leaves nor flowers.

I will tell you later more about how in our everyday life I am feeling in this new environment where our government only repeats how safe that is.
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